About Us

From the foundations, Yoshizawa Financial has built an international reputation for excellence through our attention to detail and ability to improve companies’ productivity, increase efficiency, and ultimately develop potential and support growth with our extensive knowledge of markets. Focusing our investments on companies we believe have great potential, we look to ensure the firm realizes this potential.

We have always believed in collaboration, with our approach centered on evolution not revolution; when looking into companies’ operations, we seek to develop existing structures and cultivate human resources, supporting growth through guidance.

Our private equity investment team is skilled, knowledgeable and insightful, comprising of leading professionals in their field. We possess the tools necessary to create value in companies for our clients, and work to improve every aspect and department, identifying areas in need of improvement and implementing reforms to rectify shortcomings and operational inefficiencies.

Our success is built upon our ability to bring together the right people with the right operational and management structures, establishing unique strategies to ensure a company goes in the right direction, with our support team working to maintain performance.

We target diverse investment opportunities we believe we can add significant value to through intelligent insight, industry experience and market knowledge. From smaller-sized regional companies to market-leading international firms with a market capitalization of up to $1 billion, we seek out companies we know we can improve, adding value and cultivating growth through long-term support and comprehensive development of all aspects and departments.

Yoshizawa Financial is a proud investor in a range of companies in various markets and sectors, from financial services and healthcare to manufacturing and technology, offering our clients extensive experience, broad knowledge and reliable guidance in securing a bright and secure financial future.