Corporate Responsibility

At Yoshizawa Financial, we believe that good corporate governance is essential to a company’s success, promoting ethical, responsible and principled investing. Internally, we have established high standards to ensure an exceptional service whilst additionally strictly adhering to industry regulations. We at Yoshizawa Financial practice socially responsible investing in that we balance financial pursuits with social and environmental responsibilities, ensuring sustainable and ethical operations and business dealings.

Our long-term approach to investments for our clients is dependent on good corporate governance and leadership from the top. At Yoshizawa Financial we always ensure consideration of the environment, client protection from risk, and respect for the interests of our community stakeholders in all areas of the company.

Our core values of integrity, honesty and responsibility form the fabric of Yoshizawa Financial, and we owe our reputation to our principled approach. Good corporate governance is more than just legal and regulatory requirements; it is also about being transparent in what we do, being accountable for our investments and operations, and ensuring that our clients and everyone connected with Yoshizawa Financial are satisfied.