With the energy sector valued at around $7 trillion globally, energy is the most lucrative segment to invest in. The sheer size and potential growth of this high-demand sector are significant incentives. Yoshizawa Financial is heavily involved in the energy market, and the diversity of energy sources, and thus options, means it can also play a key role in balancing a portfolio whilst delivering high returns.

With renewables and green energy gaining international prominence, it is a fast-expanding industry with profitable, innovative and exciting opportunities. We at Yoshizawa Financial look to identify unique and pioneering opportunities, with our team helping to develop and shape company structure, and encourage research and development; through proper planning and reallocation of resources by increasing efficiency within company structures, we aim to optimize service and product development, ultimately maximizing market impact, growth and productivity.

With the energy sector somewhat recovering from a recent downturn, we believe that there is a revival and proliferation of viable and profitable opportunities for investors. We use our comprehensive research and analysis of the market to identify areas within the energy sector and companies that we know, with our support and development will continue to grow, expand and prosper.