The technology sector is a particularly exciting segment of the market to be involved in, and we see this as a key area in going into the future. With rapid technological advancements and increasing demand in the sector, Yoshizawa Financial has invested significantly in companies in this area, working to support the progress of companies through research and development, ultimately fostering growth and producing significant returns for our clients.

This fast-evolving, rapidly expanding sector is one of the core areas of focus for Yoshizawa Financial, with our team skilled in improving company management dynamics, encouraging vibrant R&D and understanding the market to take advantage of and adapt to demand. Through our approach, we seek to improve value for our client, also striving to foster the development of both the company through our support and of products and services with the aim of creating technological innovations for the market.

We typically seek out market-leading and pioneering firms we believe have the potential to excel. We also look for companies which have strong management, demonstrable ability and exist in niche areas. Yoshizawa Financial has particular interest in:

  • Communications
  • Information technology
  • Software
  • Electronics
  • Gaming
  • E-commerce
  • Broadcast media
  • Security
  • Social networking