Privacy Statement

We at Yoshizawa Financial understand the importance of confidentiality. When clients share information with us, we have a responsibility to ensure your privacy is respected and maintained, and as such we have in place a security system and industry-standard apparatus to ensure its protection from third-parties and unauthorized access. We take the integrity of your data very seriously, with the handling, storage and use of your information undertaken according to our own rigorous policies and in line with international regulations.

At Yoshizawa Financial, we have data-encrypted communications, advanced digital cyber security maintained by industry professionals and internal protocols and policies governing the access of your data. We only use your information with your consent, with its access automatically logged allowing our operations department to see when and how it was accessed and by whom, and monitor client data status. Our information storage system and software throughout our company are consistently updated to be of the highest standard available.

As an independent private equity firm, we are under no obligation to share, disseminate or disclose your information to any third-party organizations, groups or companies. We only use your information, with your prior knowledge and consent, to complete transactions and manage your personal account with Yoshizawa Financial.

We gather data from you, personal and non-personal, from a range of sources, such as general communications, application forms and cookies. Our cookies are deployed on our website to collect non-personal information, such as the services you have browsed, the time of visit, preferences and location of access. Whilst cookies are used purely for administrative purposes, should you feel uncomfortable about their deployment, they can be disabled or managed in your web browser’s settings.